Little Galileo
Our story begins with a boy - aged 6 years. This little boy spent his childhood in a very musical home - his father was a professional musician, and the child learned how to play keyboard and lute at a young age. His creativity blossomed, and soon he was applying his creativity in mathematics, philosophy, science and invention. He would go on to change the world.... what was the little boy's name? You guessed it! His name was Galileo Galilei and he is the inspiration for our company and products...

The Galileo digital line offers something for everyone their educational professional and entry levels are the latest technology with IPADs, IPODs and smart media card docks.
  Galileo Sonata
Galileo Maestro II
Galileo Aria     
Galileo Grande II     
Galileo Concerto    
Galileo Digiplay CD Player
Galileo VP121
Galileo VP111
Galileo Milano II

Galileo Milano IIG