Galileo Digiplay CD Player

Turn your Galileo grand piano into an entertaining DigiPlay™ ‘player’ piano! The DigiPlay™ is a CD player system that is attached to your piano so that you can playback your CD music collection directly through your elegant Galileo piano. Of course, your piano will continue to offer you all the performance and sound of your live playing experience, but now you’ll be able to use your sound system to playback your CD library too! The Galileo DigiPlay™ —enhances your home with live entertainment and CD playback in one!


DigiPlay™ Intelligent Player Piano
Installed by Certified Technician
Works with CD, or DVD player
Available on Galileo Aria or Galileo Concerto pianos
Available in High Gloss Black, High Gloss Mahogany or High Gloss Mahogany with Briarwood Inlay Decor
Includes matching piano bench, Owner’s Manual, Warranty Card, Quality Control Certificate