Joseph Brodmann Piano Group

Joseph Brodmann Piano Group was born in 1763 in Deuna/Eichsfeld (today Germany, Thüringen).

As a young man, he came to Vienna and became the apprentice of the well known
piano builder Frederick Hoffman.

By this time, Vienna had already been established as the centre of the musical world influenced by the music of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert who all lived during his lifetime.

Joseph Brodmann was one of the first and best known piano designers and craftsman of his time.

Joseph Brodmann company has expanded their production manufacturing on a worldwide basis with corporate offices in USA, Hong Kong, as well as thier original Austrian location. The Brodman piano incorporates the finest materials used in the piano industry. German soundboards, Rosau Strings, abel hammers gives the sound and quality of a hand crafted instrument.

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