Costa Music Studios goal is to teach our students music theory and appreciation while focusing on thier own musical aspirations. We make our very best efforts to accommodate our student’s music requests are we recommend pieces to aid them along the way. Our teaching experience has shown this to be the most successful method in music instruction. We offer a professional non-pressure atmosphere.


Why should you play an Instrument?

• Encourages Creativity

• Enhances Motor Skills

• Increases I.Q.

• Improves Hand & Eye Coordination

• Improves Memory

• Better Dexterity

• Improves Studies in Math & Science

• Better Disciplined

• Improves Social Skills

• Builds Self Esteem

• Most Importantly: It’s FUN

 Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our professional teachers are experienced in instructing all ages and styles of music for a variety of instruments. 

 Offering lessons in our newly expanded studios Nassau & Suffolk County locations