In the world of massed produced pianos, certain pianos stand out. According to Master Piano Builders the reason for this is obvious: When a note is played on a piano, the hammer strikes the string, the vibration of the string is transferred from the bridge to the soundboard where it travels with the grain in the wood. The more grain the better the sound. The soundboard is usually made from spruce. It has the characteristic of a cell within a cell, within its fibers. The Stradivarius violin was made from the spruce Val Di Fiemme, which is situated in the heart of the Western Italian Alps. Bavarian and Adirondack White Spruce are also considered to be the world’s finest. These trees grow very slowly due to the extreme cold and have twice as much grain as the yellow spruce used in many Japanese Pianos. A few pianos that have this fine spruce are Schulze Pollmann (Italy), Brodmann(Germany), Charles R. Walter (USA). Schulze Pollmann and Brodmann have both recently come out with Hybrid Pianos, using the finest materials for sound with certain cabinet parts made in China, allowing the customer to buy the Best Pianos the world has to offer at an affordabl prices These Pianos are on display at Costa Piano Shoppes 600 Old Country Road Garden City, NY 516-227-2310.

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